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"Will you listen to my story Mr. Cat?" - Hasegawa Taizou
RYO ♣ sexybch

SERIES → Seven Days
MANGAKA → Tachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito
USED → Wacom; colored in Paint Tool Sai, edited in CS4
SPENT → months XD


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Words to express, I don't even.

Damn that's gorgeous.

Thank you. Means a lot to me. ♥

OH MY GOD *A* this is such a gorgeous colouring! it's almost like a real painting ajsdkdsfk you're very talented ♥

Thank you :3 Glad to hear coming from you. :D

....Oh. ....Oh good lord.

This is gorgeous. No, this is beyond gorgeous.

I'm beyond happy right now. I was so worried about this. Thank you, dear, thank you so much.

You're welcome, bb. I'm just speaking the truth. :'3♥

I hope to see more colourings from you soon! /o/

I didn't even know what to say, ur way of coloring is one of the best really
even thought these are not the real color but it turn so AWESOME! <33

I'm so relieved that this is actually likable. Thank you for commenting on it :3
Not sure what you meant by 'not the real color' though XDD

I mean isn't there clothes in blue, and the guy in the 2nd guy have black here ?
well never mind xD

Ah, I got it. XDD Well, u'r right here. I tend to twist canon to my liking :D

This is so perfect! *__*

Just... awesome!

Omg :O You've created a masterpiece! no, that's an understatement; this is just beyond...*speechless*
The clothing folds and skin tones look so realistic and each hair strand flows so elegantly. It's incredible how you colored their lips and eyes as well. I absolutely love the background; it not only distinguishes, but unifies the panels beautifully ♥_♥ my gosh, I could stare at this all day long.

Oh dear *speechless* Perfect comment is perfect. Thank you so much!

WAO.. *you do left me speechless for its gorgeousness*

Wasn't my intention, but not at all a bad result :D Thank you ♥

О, клеви ваще, респект *___*

This is an incredibly beautiful colouring.
I love how you brought out/created a different atmosphere through your colouring style and choice of background.

I had really hard time deciding what to do with bg and still I'm not fully convinced with the final result. So much thanks for making it a little bit easy on me :)

(Deleted comment)
I'm just slow, I guess, and tend to waver on the first stages. It's a secret for me how people manage to create a masterpiece just after a couple of hours.
Thank you for taking time to check it. Your comment really means a lot.

Ohmannnn I loved this scene so much <3 and your coloring is so perfect and lovely!

Just... wow! Amazing colouring! ♥

wao, that's such a beautiful coloring <3

OMG this is really gorgeous!!!!!

Не, нахрен, не выражу это по-английски. По-русски, правда, тоже. Вообще офигеть, да ты уже настоящий художник! *________* Такой уровень работы, охренеть!!! С ума сойти, как красиво ♥♥♥

Вот три сердечка принимаю, а все остальное абсолютно лишнее и не про меня. :3

most beautiful *_* I very love this manga and your color!

I just found this picture on the internet and was dying to know who could Ever have coloured it "this" way. 'Cause it really is stunning.
Well, I loved Takarai-sensei's work as it was, just black and white, but your colours just brought everything to life. They seem so real it's almost breath-taking.
Oh my, I can't seem to take my eyes off of it! XD

Oh, dear, I'm surprised you even took time to find this post.. ^o^
Tons of thanks for all your kind words! I'm really glad you liked it :3

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